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Uhhh, what's all this about philosophy?
Yeah, I get it, it's not really a normal section on a petz site. But hey, it might be worth a read.
(Or not. You do you.)  


take my hexies.
and my code.
Yep, you read that right. I don't mean like, my personal hexed petz (plz don't hack me and steal my petz!), but my adoptions, breedz, toyz, clothez, and any other noun you can slap a "-z" on the end of. If I've posted it here, that means I want you to use it! Don't just stop at hexpainting my breedfiles. Alter them. Mod them. Make them more beautiful (or ugly, if that's your thing). Add addballz and transform them. They're yours as much as they are mine.
I'm not about secrecy and exclusivity when it comes to Petz. I firmly believe that sharing, modding, and remixing leads to more creativity and happiness in the Petz Community, not less. That's why I've licensed Fishwife—and all my files—with the CC0 license from Creative Commons.
It'd be really nice if you would give me some attribution/a link back (so others can find them later), but it's not required.
This also applies retroactively to any Cierra/Abbey Road/Penny Lane/whatever-damn-name-I-used-to-use files that I released years ago.

brexing, inbreeding, adoptions, and all that stuff... Just putting it out there: I brex my personal petz. Because let's face it, some eyelids are ugly as hell.
I draw the line at adoptions, though. If you ever see bred adoptions from me, you can rest assured that I did not brex those. They are, however, likely very inbred unless I've mentioned otherwise.
Whenever you adopt from me, feel free to brex, rename, trim, change sexes, etc. They're your petz now after all, to do with as you please! I don't even really care if you poke around in the code of my hexed adoptions.

Link to the lo-fi manifesto by Karl Stolley, which I've been thinking about a lot lately.
So many PC members credit Petz with their introduction to coding, hacking, and web development——myself included! We learned by trial and error, looking at others' codes, and occasionally glancing at a helpful website here or there. (I'm looking at you, Lissa!)
When making Fishwife, it didn't feel right to plug in a Wordpress or Tumblr theme. It felt like cheating. So, I built Fishwife from scratch with a little bit of HTML and CSS. There are a few widgets here and there (my hit counter and shoutbox, namely) but it's nothing I wouldn't have had access to in 2002. I'm purposefully keeping it old school.
why lo-fi



Fishwife is published under a creative commons CC0 license. Why? Check out my philosophy.